December 29, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Country: USA

Movie Review: Iconic filmmaker Martin Scorsese, inspired by the memoir of former stockbroker from Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, creates an effusive portrait of a world of shame, pelted with heavy drugs, sex, and luxury. The film was very efficacious in the way it shows the ability of these cunning 'wolves’ to deceive vulnerable people for their own profit, and Scorsese did it bluntly and wryly. The first hour was irresistibly hilarious, denoting a bouncing pace and establishing wittily the foundations of the story, which captured my attention right away. In the following two hours the excitement was maintained, even considering some ups and downs in the narrative, along with a few purposely overdone scenes of delirious partying and a risky yet funny boat trip, which not everybody will go for it. The performances were astonishing, with a perfect DiCaprio in the front (it’s been the fifth collaboration with Scorsese), well followed by Jonah Hill, P.J. Byrne, and a brief but unforgettable appearance by Matthew McConaughey as unrestrained boss, Mark Hanna. What is ironic here is to realize that artful men like Belfort will continue to take advantage of his corrupt past life to profit, from selling books to giving motivational speeches. But you know what? It always feels good when these big bad wolves are unmasked, so the world can see what they really worth. I wouldn’t say this is Scorsese’s best film, but is surely a special one.

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  1. Good review Carlos. It's a long one, but if you can hang with it, then it's an ultimately rewarding flick.


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